Summer of Lost Love: Hollywood’s Hottest Available Once Again


Summer lovin’ is proving to be a real drag for some of Hollywood’s favorite darlings. Everyone from Christie Brinkley to Tila Tequila has suffered a failed relationship, and the past week or so has been especially brutal: On Tuesday it was that cherubic sweetheart Drew Barrymore; on Monday the lithe and lovely Kate Moss; just before the holiday weekend the unstoppable Megan Fox and the ever-fetching Rose McGowan. But one man’s misfortune is another man’s something or other, as they say. And while we expect this list to be updated very shortly (looking at you, Madonna), we’ve culled together a few of the newly single gals’ vital stats (as well as Google and our patience would allow) to help potential Lotharios gain the inside track. (There’s even a special Boner Bonus in there for you, ladies!) It’s the Radar Rebound Gallery!

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