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Olsen Twins Makeover Challenge

2olsens_fresh_092107.jpgVIRTUAL VAMPS Mary Kate and Ashley

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen may profess that they want to be taken seriously as designers and businesswomen, but they haven’t forgotten that it’s tween dollars that keep them in oversize sunglasses and pricey ratty vintage.

At the bizarrely infectious virtual paperdoll site stardoll.com, fans of the twins’ cinematic oeuvre and sartorial savvy can visit the Dualstar moguls’ virtual dressing rooms and then dress—and undress—them in as much absurdly loose clothing as they please. Luckily for M.K. and Ash, it seems they’ve still got what it takes to hang with the elementary school set: Their “dolls” rate in the top ten most popular celeb dolls, along with Paris and Lindsay.

But if dressing the virtual Olsens up in nothing but their panties and fur coats strikes you as a little pervy, you’re in luck. Star Doll also lets you play out your fashion fantasies with some decidedly strange bedfellows. Sure, there’s John Travolta, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens to play with. But is there really demand among pre-pubescent kids to dress Oprah, Sharon Osborne, and Camilla Parker Bowles?