Angelina Turns the Other Cheek


A moment of silence, please, for Angelina Jolie‘s slap-happy fanbase. While the actress continues to do good work (in the Third World), it seems that she will no longer film nude scenes if one newspaper’s paleo-gossip columnist is to be believed:

You might’ve heard nonhusband Brad say no more going naked in movies or even just flashing his butt, considering he’s become a father and must show maturity. Mrs. Un-Pitt has now said the same. No more taking it off for the camera. Doesn’t want the brood to grow up and see her nude. Sorry, guys.

The news has presumably cast a pall over sites like (NSFW pioneer) Mr. Skin, where fans gather to drool over various actress’s regrettable freeze frames.

But Skin (aka Jim McBride) remains upbeat, telling Radar he doubts Jolie will be able to keep her vow seeing as she’s already “appeared nude in ten movies…. I’ll believe it when I don’t see it!”

Should Jolie prove him wrong, his team of crack addicts have archived enough images and clips of the actress to satisfy generations of creepy fanboys. Skin kindly offered to help us create our very own Jolie nude retrospective, which you can now enjoy for years to come. Selections and time codes after the jump!

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