Dr. Bailey Pages Isaiah Washington in Rehab

THANKS FOR NOTHIN’ Wilson, Washington (inset)

Nothing new: The robust Chandra Wilson, accepting the award for best actress in a drama at last night’s SAG awards, kept alive the Isaiah Washington homophobic slur controversy by thanking her 10 castmates seated in the audience, plus “the other one in rehab.”

Surging against the surge: Around 100,000 protesters convened on Washington Saturday to raise hell and worship at the altar of Jane Fonda and “enemy of the stateSean Penn.

Leavin’ Lieberman?: Joe Lieberman told a receptive Fox News that he just might vote Republican in 2008. He further revealed that he just might breath and eat, too.

Florida’s follies: Let’s say you need a gun but you’ve inconveniently been convicted of a felony. Get yourself to sunny Florida—they’re handing ’em out like oranges.

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