Whiny Pentagon Official Blames Press For Lack Of Coverage


Doug Feith, the former Pentagon official who should really think about passing away before newspapers shed their standards on language and decency if he wants to keep the phrase “the stupidest fucking guy on the face of the earth” out of his obituary, has a bone to pick with the media. Feith is upset about all the attention that press secretary Scott McClellan‘s book has received, while his own tome, War and Decision, languishes on the vine. He’s being “punished” because his book is generally supportive of George W. Bush. “It seems journalists are more interested in vitriol than substance,” he tells Howard Kurtz. This is the rankest form of hypocrisy. Who knows better than Feith that the press is all about flash? If journalists were actually interested in substance we never would have gotten into Feith’s disastrous war.

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