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Does Ron Paul Have Asperger’s Syndrome?

STIM CITY? Paul (Photo: Getty Images)
In the great tradition of George W. Bush‘s rumored undiagnosed learning disabilities, might Ron Paul, the libertarian/Republican/racialist candidate for president, have a hidden disorder of his own? Could Paul have Asperger’s Syndrome, the autism spectrum disorder characterized by extremely awkward social interactions along with obsessive behaviors and interests? If you’ve seen Ron Paul on television recently—or taken a glimpse at his platform—there’s no question he displays the symptoms.

When he came out to greet Jay Leno on Monday night, Paul walked with his eyes down to the ground. He didn’t look his host in the eye (another symptom!), and cackled—grossly inappropriately for a presidential candidate—every time he brought up America’s train wreck of an economy (the joke, after all, is on all of us). Check one for impaired social interaction.