Does Joe Scarborough Need A Shovel?

Because so much of the opening night of the Democratic convention was sweet and endearing and triumphant, we present you with this moment of discomfort from the talking heads at MSNBC. After making the point that the McCain campaign deserved credit for hanging around in the polls, Joe Scarborough is told to “get a shovel” by Loudest Person in the World Keith Olbermann. Presumably, Olbermann was suggesting that Scarborough obtain said shovel to help him with all the bullshit he was spewing forth. But then again, maybe not. Watch until the end for another awkward moment involving everyone’s favorite awkward moment haver, Chris Matthews.

Can you just not get enough? Neither can we, and neither can Scarborough, apparently. Mixed Media’s got the next round, from today’s Morning Joe, in which Scarborough goes straight after Independent David Shuster.

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