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Divorce is a Bitch, So is Heather Mills

TOUGH LOVE Mills at her peak
This week we learned that leg-lacking former in-the-buff model Heather Mills is also challenged in the friend department. Thanks to a few ill-timed rants about Sir Paul McCartney and some subsequent bad press, Heather haters found it prudent to squirm out of the woodwork to bitchslap the gold-digger this week. It started with the usually diplomatic Babs Walters telling her View co-hosts that Heather was a uni-ped skank. Then we learned that fashion designer and Mills’s former stepdaughter Stella McCartney had designed a necklace featuring a leg. Point made.

With the loss of her divorce lawyers this morning, and the increasing likelihood that the Mills-McCartney divorce trial will make it to the courts, Radar did the only thing left to do and called up PR pro Howard Bragman of 15 Minutes PR to set Heather straight.

Heather Mills, you’re in the PR/ER!

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