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Dina Lohan’s Heinous New Reality Show

“A lion protects her cubs,” Dina Lohan, the mother and manager of oft-rehabbing actress Lindsay Lohan and 14-year-old aspiring singer Ali intones in the above preview of Living Lohan, her E! reality show that debuts next Monday. Two weeks ago, the 45-year-old Dina, who has caught heat in the past for acting as immaturely as her troubled daughter, told us that the show would be her attempt “to set the record straight about this family and give people an honest look into our lives.” She also said it would be “real”—not like The Hills!—and that young Ali would get most of the on-screen face time. (Lindsay has refused to participate.) “Ali just loves this business, and unfortunately I have to manage her,” Lohan tells the camera with all the sincerity of someone who once lied about being a Rockette and has also been sued for fraud. Unfortunate indeed.

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