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Diddy’s Unforgivable Commercial

Making the banned: Here’s the banned-by-MTV commercial for Diddy‘s Unforgivable cologne. Stay tuned for new “Banned By MTV” cologne by MTV.

If I Did It II: Police are investigating whether O.J.‘s crew robbed someone at gunpoint in a Vegas hotel room. Fred Goldman. Book proposal. Go.

Freedom of the press: A researcher for the New York Times jailed in China in 2004 is due to be set free.

Award show-worthy “Oops”: Britney Spears is in talks to issue an apology on the Emmys for her VMA show performance. Rumor has it, she’s hoping to parlay the Emmys appearance into an Oscars appearance during which she’ll then apologize for the Emmys apology.

Mouseka-tears: Amy Winehouse as a Mickey Mouse ears-wearing, adorable little girl, juxtaposed with her as a chart-topping train wreck.