Did VT Killer Mimic Oldboy?

YOUNG BOY, OLDBOY Cho, scene from Oldboy

The VT killer’s film inspiration?: Ozzy got the blame for suicides in the ’80s. Marilyn Manson got the blame for Columbine. Glock-flossing 50 Cent has already been mentioned in the wake of the VT massacre. And now the Times blog The Lede ties killer Cho Seung-Hui’s video in his multimedia manifesto to the plot of 2004 Cannes Film Festival winner, Korean revenge flick Oldboy.

“Ishmail Ax”?: ABC speculates as to the meaning of the phrase scrawled on Cho’s arm at the time of the VT shooting—could it be from a beat poem? A CNN reporter speculates on American Morning today that it may be a misspelling of a popular Turkish singer’s name, to which CNN anchor John Roberts replies, “I don’t see what a Turkish singer has anything to do with this!”

Families protest: Survivors of VT victims cancel appearances on the Today Show this morning in protest of the NBC’s decision to release Cho’s tapes.

Say goodbye to Sanjaya: The most polarizing figure in the history of American singing competitions is voted off of American Idol.

Reverend runs: Already cleansed of his gayness, manwhore employer Ted Haggard starts life over in sunny Phoenix.

Kate’s New Roman: In the first known combination of high fashion and Microsoft Word, waifish supermodel Kate Moss gets her own font.

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