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Did Sandra Bernhard’s Girlfriend Get Her Into Vanity Fair?

TEAMWORK Switzer, Bernhard (Photo: Getty Images)

Earlier today, we wondered why Sandra Bernhard was included in this issue of Vanity Fair as one of the 12 fresh females changing the comedy landscape in America. Bernhard, after all, has been performing stand-up since the 1970s; her most recent bout of cultural relevancy came after she sent The View wingnut Elisabeth Hasselbeck into a tizzy by proclaiming that Laura Bush was “probably medicated”—and that was all the way back in 2006.

A tipster now writes in with a plausible explanation. Bernhard’s longtime girlfriend, Sara Switzer, just happens to be a publicist at the mag under VF PR director Beth Kseniak. (She’s “Cold and WASP-y and I love it,” Bernard has purred of Switzer.) Funny how these things seem to work out!

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