Did Rove Spit on Crow, David?

POLITICAL HOCK Rove, Crow and David (inset)

View from the left: Robert Kennedy, Jr., offers his version of the Karl Rove vs. Sheryl Crow/Laurie David scuffle, saying Rove “literally started spitting at them.” Presumably, Sheryl used no more than one square of TP to clean off the Karl spew.

Ignoring the Idols: Add another one to the list of Simon Cowell facts: he doesn’t listen to the American Idol contestants sing. He’s too busy thinking up Ryan Seacrest gay jokes.

Tangling in the ivy: Four Harvard students are arrested for heckling FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Bobbies in Burberry: Scotland Yard has enlisted the help of the London College of Fashion to redesign the bobby uniform. Coming soon, chav CHiPs.

Photo; Getty Images

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