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Did He Really Want To Hurt Him?

CAPTIVATING Boy George, Carlsen (inset)

Accessory-happy onetime popstar Boy George‘s kinky ass will soon be back in court, charged with false imprisonment for chaining a male escort to the wall of his London apartment in April. Auden Carlsen, a 28-year-old Norwegian who Boy met on Gaydar, said he thought he’d been invited over to take pictures.

For $800, we’re guessing the agreement involved more than Polaroids. Instead of an innocent photo shoot, Carlsen quickly became Christina Ricci to George’s Samuel L. Jackson in some kind of bizarre gay sequel to Black Snake Moan. Only it was a white snake. And the moan was more of a groan.

George surrendered to police yesterday, posted bail, and is expected in court next week. If convicted, he could face life in a drab, flair-less prison.

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