Did Drew Steal Fabrizio’s Stroke?

THREE PIECE Barrymore, Moretti, and Dunst (inset)

Drew Barrymore‘s tender touch might have done a number on her rocker ex’s love life.

Earlier this year, Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for the Strokes and Barrymore’s on-and-off boyfriend of nearly five years, was dating Kirsten Dunst. But in mid-March, the Spiderman actress abruptly split with Moretti and took up with Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell.

While trading up from a drummer to a frontman might seem like an obvious move, a source who discussed the breakup with Dunst says there was another factor: Despite repeated entreaties, Dunst couldn’t persuade Moretti to have sex with her. When pressed to consummate the relationship, says the source, Moretti told her he wasn’t over Barrymore.

Asked about that account, Dunst’s spokesman says only, “Kirsten is and has always been friends with Fabrizio.”

Photos: Getty Images

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