Danny DeVito Drunk on Marketing

It seems Danny DeVito‘s Weeble-wobble appearance on The View back in November (he said he’d been drinking Limoncello with George Clooney all night) was an elaborate marketing ploy for his forthcoming signature liqueur. We started off asking him about a behind-the-scenes moment on his cult-comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the season one and two DVD launch at Best Buy in Manhattan, and he hijacked our interview, too.

“You know, recently I launched a line of Limoncello, and I got the entire cast totally looped on it—about a month ago. [It was] after work,” he explained. “We don’t drink on the set.”

So did he actually set out to parlay that babbling on The View into a product endorsement? “I put out the feelers—I told people to say that I wanted to put my own line out, and then this distributor … contacted me, and we got along really well, and the rest is history. I designed the bottle, and … you saw it today [Tuesday] on The View?”

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