What We Learn When Dems Debate

SAUSAGE PARTY Hill and the dudes

Even without John Kerry, there was plenty of nuance in last night’s Democratic presidential debate. Talk centered around Iraq—who wants out, when, and how. But what of the really vital, personal, common sense stuff—the factors by which, as smart as we like to consider ourselves, we’ll eventually judge our candidates. What did we learn last night? We learned …

Who has had a gun in their house: Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden (who clarified later, “Shotgun, not pistol.”).

Who believes there is a global war on terror: Edwards, Obama, and Clinton. Kucinich called it a “pretext for aggressive war.” Gravel suggested that we will be as successful in fighting terrorism as we are in fighting drugs (that is, not very).

Who has a hot, 28-year-old British wife: Kucinich.

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