Key to Ashton and Demi Love: Cheese

TOO CLOSE FOR KUTCH Ashton, Demi, other guy (Photo: Getty Images)

You can’t take Ashton Kutcher anywhere. Mr. Demi Moore was up to his old can-o’-worms tricks behind the scenes at his wife’s latest projet du cin&eacute:ma, Flawless.

In the heist film (also starring Michael Caine), Moore plays an octogenarian (note: sly trick for looking younger by comparison in real life) and affects a very specific English-American accent. In what sounds like a sitcom version of bring-your-kid-to-work day, the boy who cried Punk’d forged a strong bond with the film’s prop master. “It just so happened he was a prankster, too,” explained director Michael Radford at the film’s premiere in Manhattan. “So the two of them started this battle … I believe at one point, [Kutcher] had feigned setting the prop gentleman’s car on fire. I’m not sure how it all worked, but I know he had enlisted the help of the fire brigade. It was quite elaborate.”

Inevitably, the shenanigans turned into a cheese fest, Moore said.

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