Obama Rips Hillary Like His Own Lats

For roughly an hour they’ll never get back, Radar political writer Nick Curran, an atypical Republican based in D.C., and Fresh Intelligence editor Tyler Gray, some weirdo sort of libertarian hybrid headquarterd in NYC, swapped thoughts while they watched today’s Democratic debate. Aired on PBS, the program adopted that channel’s signature Charlie Rose-ian level of excitement. That is to say, nearly none. The repartee, on the other hand, was nothing less than scintillating. Judge for yourself …

Tyler Gray: Well, right off the bat, Edwards flubbed a line. It’s tough, though. Important thing is that he looks spectacular. Where does he get his hair cut?
Nick Curran: Someday someone will look into that.
TG: “Slave labor” has come up for a second time. I wasn’t aware that was a big campaign issue in any election since … let’s say … the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
NC: Pandering for the union members of Iowa. They love that shit.

TG: Is Obama still smoking?
NC: Don’t think so. In fact, saw him at the gym last week huffing away. No secret service, strangely.
NC: Yeah. Last Friday.

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