Dell Wants To Make Nothing

Here we read your trade papers today so you don’t have to!

Isaac Mizrahi is becoming a blogger for fashion week? Honey noooooo!
• Whoa, why would Altria want to buy the makers of Skoal, after all their careful, non-cancerous branding?
• Fox News beat Bob Woodward‘s own Washington Post in publishing dribblets from his latest very secret book, out next week. Also, it turns out the two outlets read the thing differently.
• Here’s one way to cut costs—sell all your factories, like Dell wants to. Then, what, you don’t have any employees and you subcontract all production and ta-da, your company looks healthy. Isn’t it great to live in an age where getting rid of human costs is the number one thing that makes Wall Street happy?
• Hey, in case you forgot? Yesterday SUCKED on Wall Street. You should be nervous today! Have a good time!

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