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Definitely-not-gay Prince Seriously Into Chicks

DON’T BE THAT GUY Elkann wears his own kingdom’s shirt

Fiat prince Lapo Elkann wants the world to know he’s so not-gay it hurts. Trouble is, a profile in March’s W dotes on his “sartorial flair” and introduces the Agnelli scion’s line of $1,300 carbon fiber sunglasses—kinda gay.

Plus, any follower of the Fiat fop will recall an incident in 2005 in which Elkann was rushed to the emergency room after a frantic call to authorities from a 53-year-old tranny named “Patrizia.” As Elkann lay in a coma from OD’ing on a “nearly lethal cocktail of coke and heroin,” Italy learned that the Elkann myth allegedly concealed regular visits to seedy districts of Turin for trysts with drag queens. One prostitute told the press, ” Lapo is a habitual client,” describing his relationship with an Italian starlet as a “cover up.”

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