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De Palma vs. Cuban War Spills Over at Presser

A seething feud between Brian De Palma, director of the fictional Iraq war documentary Redacted, and the film’s financiers, billionaire Mark Cuban‘s Magnolia Pictures, erupted at a New York Film Festival press event Monday.

It started with De Palma saying images in the film were, in fact, redacted by Cuban—meaning the big bucks blogger personally found them distasteful and cut them out, effectively hacking De Palma’s vision at the knees. Cuban and De Palma have expressed different visions of the film before.

But Magnolia president Eamon Bowles, who was in the audience, shot out of his seat and yelled from the back rows, “Not true!” to an astonished crowd. The two then launched into a back and forth that transformed an otherwise polite press gathering into a public slap fight.

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