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Cameron Diaz’s Eastern Promises

LA-TER Diaz (Photo: Getty Images)

Wait, seriously, don’t: Cameron Diaz tells W that she’s “done with L.A.” She adds, “You have no options because everybody’s in a car. Here, I can walk down the street like everybody else,” before hopping into a town car with tinted windows. [Via Mollygood]

Stars and rainbows: “Is a former boy band member” and a half-dozen other tell-tale signs a celebrity is gay, by gay star Michael Musto.

Oedipus flex: HuffPo contributor Erica Jong says HuffPo contributor Matt Taibbi wants to have sex with his mother because he called Hillary Clinton‘s arms “flabby.” He points out how many other politicians, by this logic, he wants to have sex with, based on his descriptions of them.

Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?: Is DreamWorks’ David Geffen in talks save the Los Angeles Times from Sam Zell? Or is he actually thousands of miles away on his yacht in the South Pacific? It could go either way, really.

Dick pays more than Bush: President Bush and his wife paid $221,635 in federal taxes on an adjusted gross income of $923,807 for the year 2007. The Cheneys got tapped for $602,651 in taxes on $3.04 million in 2007 income.

Parental control: A Colorado-based couple got into a fight about which gang their four year-old son should join which resulted in an arrest for the father. Clearly, it’s a win-win situation either way.

As base as it gets: Serena Williams. BaDONKadonk. Happy Friday!