David Bent Like Beckham for Anderson Cooper

British footballer David Beckham has said he’s “honored” to wear the title of “gay icon”. American journalist Anderson Cooper has yet to publicly wear the title of “gay.” On yesterday’s 60 Minutes, Coop interviewed the Los Angeles-based metrosexual soccer star, who is about to enter the second year of a $250 million contract. (His debut season didn’t go so hot: he played in only five games after injuring his right knee.)

It was a mutual man crush: At one point, Cooper giggles and remarks to Beckham, “You have a little bit of a tan.” Then Beckham tells Cooper that he has 15 tattoos, the latest of which is a portrait of wife Posh Spice on his forearm, and that the reason he flicked off the crowd that one time is because a heckler said he hoped that his kid died of cancer. Then Cooper gets in goal wearing a form-fitting V-neck T-shirt and flails about as he tries in vain to defend penalty kicks blasted at him by Beckham’s trademark right foot. And then the two hold hands and go get matching pedicures and gossip about whether soccer players or swimmers totally have the best bodies.

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