Get Your Blockbuster Bric-a-brac!


Well, no shocker here: The Dark Knight, said to be a really great movie by people who have seen it, dominated the box office this weekend, raking in a cool $155 million. That’s good cash, apparently. Everyone is happy, and the Heath Ledger legend is finally cemented and commemorated with more merchandising than original rebel James Dean. Your grandkids will have his image silk-screened on a baseball tee in 50 years, and each morning your sad aunt will sip Nescafé from a mug with Heath’s demented Joker grin looking back at her. In general, we, too, are loving us some summer block-buster bric-a-brac! To honor the bobble heads, piggy banks, mouse pads, action figures, ball caps, wallets, socks, clocks, model cars, earrings, banners, and replica Joker knives, we’ve culled together for you a few of our favorite collectibles:

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