Dark-ness Prevails


Heroic, measured: The Dark Knight, with its maybe-white-collar criminal leading man, opened to an estimated $155.4 million over the weekend, the highest opening ever. The Batman flick beat the record previously held by Spider-Man 3.

Practice rounds: Before Jimmy Fallon takes over Late Night on NBC, he’ll practice on the Internet with a series of webisodes in the fall, months before he steps into Conan O’Brien‘s shoes on television. Producer Lorne Michaels thinks this will help Fallon work out any rough spots and “find his show.” Yeah, good luck with that.

Ground control: Earlier today, Barack Obama stopped in Baghdad to begin an on-the-ground inspection of Iraq, his first since launching his bid for president.

CLICK HERE, IT’S EASY: Brenda’s back; dead Gypsies; and is C-Rod really to blame?!

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