DNC Remainders: Danny Glover, Ralph Nader, and the Lovable Sean Penn

Mind terribly if we tie up loose DNC ends? We got actor/activist Danny Glover cornered and discussing—or mostly not discussing—funding he recently received from Venezuela President Hugo Chavez for a series of films his production company has in the works (That funding? Somewhere in the $20 million range. His answers? Really reasonable!), as well as some bits of Mr. Glover talking about the National AIDS Strategy for the United States. As a bonus, we have more on that amusing Sean Penn-led Ralph Nader rally we didn’t get enough of. Those guys: still pissed. These last two clips, plus an enlightening bit with radio talk-show host Alex Jones riffing in disbelief on the suicide of D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey (his claim: Team Bush murdered her), follow:

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