DailyKos Did Not Scrub Palin Post


The right-wing corners of the Internet are going gaga trying to figure out the identity of ArcXIX, the DailyKos diarist who first published a long, picture-heavy story (Google cache here) about who mothered future moose-eater and son of Sarah Palin, Trig Paxson Van Palin. When the notorious post, along with all other posts by the user, was taken down from the site, one blog declared “Daily Kos Fascists EXPUNGE and BAN the blogger ArcXIX for Sarah Palin’s Babygate.” Others, too, have wondered if DailyKos had scrubbed the site of the post and what exactly that means.

Well, it didn’t remove the post. In an e-mail today, DailyKos founder Marcos Moulitsa tells Radar, “The author took it down.” Presumably this can end criticism that “DailyKos is a bunch of reactionary politically correct censors.” But also, maybe not.

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