Cult Leader Just Wants To Lie Naked with Minors, Nothing Has to Happen

If it wasn’t clear before now that starting a cult, moving to the desert, and claiming to be the son of God was just the long way to get young chicks to get nekkid with you well past your prime, it is now. Last night, the National Geographic Channel aired its documentary on the Lord Our Righteousness Church and it’s self-proclaimed prophet (and physical hybrid of Chuck Manson and Kris Kristofferson) Wayne Bent, aka Michael Travesser. (Jezebel has obsessive footage and roundups on this case.)

“Nakedness is another symbol of our relationship with God,” Bent says. “We are naked and unashamed.” He posted messages to his followers suggesting it was the way get right with the Lord and, by the way, he was next best thing to the Big Guy (Neil Strauss never negged like this!)

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