Madonna Can Take a Punch


Madge’s badge: Madonna wears her paparazzi <a href="
” target=”_blank”>bruise more prominently than her Kaballah bracelet.

PariCole, back together: Nicole Richie proves there’s nothing like resuming a dysfunctional relationship with Paris Hilton to get the donuts flowing down the old gullet again. Bring back chubby Nicole!

• <a href="
” target=”_blank”>Feddy‘s friendz: Aside from getting lawyered up, looks like K-Feddy’s mobilizing his friends for a good ol’ fashioned trailer park rumble! Crack those 40s, y’all!

• <a href="
“target=”_blank”>Cosby cops feel, makes deal: How can Bill Cosby keep reprimanding the black community when he can’t keep his hands to himself?

Lohan: I won’t be ignored! Pushed out of the press by the likes of Rumsfeld and the Democrats, L-Lo gets her heat back by crashing her car. That’s three wrecks since March 2005.

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