Crazy Woody Harrelson Doesn’t Want to Eat for 40 Days


Woody Harrelson has always fancied himself an eco-warrior. He’s been arrested twice, once in Kentucky for planting industrial hemp seeds and then later in San Francisco for scaling the Golden Gate bridge to protest the logging of redwoods! He’s vegan and eats “raw as much as I can.” His car runs on biodiesel. He only uses paper made from non-wood, post-consumer waste. Woody even lives with “all biodynamic farmers and just really cool people” on a remote Hawaiian island with his wife and three kids where there are no power lines and everyone uses solar energy.

Which is all rather commendable, really—at least the guy isn’t preaching one thing while taking a Hummer to his private jet, like certain other notable Hollywood types. (We’re looking at you, Travolta.) But Woody’s latest plan is a tad extreme, even for him: it seems Woody now wants to move to a remote tropical island where he’ll do nothing but drink water and swim and surf.

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