Country of One Billion Finally Manages to Produce One Measly Medal

A SHOOTABLE BOY Bindra (Photo: Getty Images)

A hearty congratulations to New Dehli’s very own Abhinav Bindra! The 25-year-old CEO of a computer-games equipment company became India’s first-ever individual gold medalist after winning the 10-meter air-rifle competition in Beijing. For his efforts, Bindra has been awarded a “free, lifetime rail pass to travel in a first-class air-condition compartment” by the Minister of Railways, as well as $62,500 in cash from the Board of Control for Cricket. “This will give great passion and encouragement to all the sportsmen in this country,” a proud 20-year-old citizen tells the Wall Street Journal. Especially gravity-challenged body builder Aditya Dev!.

India is gunning to host the summer games in 2020, though the common refrain in the group of former Subcontinent residents with whom I watched the Opening Ceremonies is that there’s no way in hell they’ll be able to top the Chinese, CGI or not.

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