Count Condi Among Fox ‘n’ Friends


Is this thing on?: Yes, Condi, it is (FYI: Cover the mic next time you gush about how you love “every single one” of Fox News’s correspondents.)

It’s all coming together: Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack has resigned as chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, simultaneously paving the way for Harold Ford and confirming our report from late yesterday.

Rodeo Drive is about to get a whole lot Chav-ier: Real Madrid benchwarmer, fashion icon, and Posh Spice hubby David Beckham accepted a five-year, $250 million offer to come play for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles franchise.

Exotic flip-flop: The accuser in the Duke rape case changed her story yet again, claiming today that one of her three assailants didn’t actually assail her, but just watched. DA Mike Nifong—who had no problem getting his name in the papers when the story first broke—remains curiously silent.

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