Corey Worthington Still Partying

<span class="imagecaption"AUSSIE SPICOLI Corey
Our new hero, Corey Worthington—and if you haven’t yet watched the interview with Australia’s hottest party boy, we pretty much need to insist that you do—is reaping the rewards of his recent epic gathering. A radio station down under has offered him a gig, and teens up and down Prison Island are asking him to consult on their own parties. “One guy even said in Queensland he wants me to go up and throw a party for him,” he told Australia’s National Nine News. “All expenses and everything … (he said he’s going to pay me) two grand.” The best part? “Corey’s parents have been unable to contact their son since returning, as he continues to hang up on them whenever they try to call.” Rock on, you magnificent bastard. Rock on.

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