Condi Shows Hughes the Door

DIPLOMATIC Hughes(Photo: Getty)

Friends till the end: Second wife Condoleezza Rice bids farewell to third wife and former head of public diplomacy Karen Hughes. Calling Condi “a great friend,” Hughes says “I feel that I’ve done what Secretary Rice and President Bush asked me to do.” That’s the spirit.

Stand by your wo-man: Oprah BFF Gayle King has the Big O’s ample back amid allegations of abuse at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

Soap opera: Adding to her library of messy “comeback” interviews, Britney Spears leaves Ryan Seacrest hanging in the middle of a phone interview for KIIS-FM, and heads off for a shower. Listeners respond in kind.

If the jet’s a rockin’: Singapore Airlines will ask passengers to refrain from sexy time in-flight on the Airbus A380, despite the new jumbo jet’s private suites. Ralph Fiennes unavailable for comment.

No tricks, no treats: California orders that sex offender parolees stay inside this Halloween, turn off exterior lights, and pretend not to be home. Children are encouraged to use eggs and T.P. as they see fit.

School tase: “Don’t tase me bro” Andrew Meyer to tell his shocking tale on The Today Show.

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