Conan Priest’s Stalky Online Homily

THROW THE BOOK AT ‘IM Conan (Photo: Getty Images)

Conan O’Brien‘s alleged “priest stalker,” 46-year-old Father David Ajemian, was cuckoo for Conan more than a year before his arrest at 30 Rock on November 2. He didn’t just stick with disturbing letters and e-mails to his targets, either.

Using the nickname Padre009, Ajemian posted on the NBC message boards discussing Late Night With Conan O’Brien, signing off with a French phrase that means, “shame on him who thinks evil of it.”

Ajemian called the host “Corncob O’Brien” and reacted cantankerously to another poster’s crack about “complete lunatics” on the board: “I’m just a two-bit HACK and I don’t even know it!!! My stories and nuttiness are PATHETIC— why?? Well of course because they DON’T MEAN ANYTHING!!! Compared to THE WRITERS who are—- GOLDEN—- AND—- BEAUTIFUL—- AND—- BELOVED … Yes the WRITERS—THE WRITERS— UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING!!!! Everything that you witty and crazy and sweet young things could EVER want to know about the world.”

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