Clive Davis Quashes Clarkson Beef

AMERICAN IDOLATRY Clive Davis (Photo: Getty Images)

Yesterday afternoon, Clive Davis accepted the Music Visionary Award at a UJA-Federation of New York luncheon for the Music for Youth initiative, and as pop music’s reigning arch-duke of divas, he was received with reverence, flattery, and, inevitably, rumor-mongering. Enter Kelly Clarkson, the former American Idol turned ingrate turned apologist.

Davis, the 75-year-old chairman and CEO of the BMG Label Group, fielded reporters’ questions with characteristic aplomb, dismissing ever-so-wryly Clarkson’s very public tantrum and disses as non-issues: “Kelly’s been an … important artist from the very beginning, so I’m delighted to take her back on track, and we’ll be gettin’ to work on her next album real soon.” Onward and upward!

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