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Clinton, Obama, Edwards on The Colbert Report

Last night on The Colbert Report, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and third place finisher John Edwards all made cameos to hem and haw and show the world that they are real live people with senses of humor and personalities. Ironically, it was Barack, the candidate who most closely resembles a real life person with a sense of humor and a personality, who came off stiffest—though he alone appeared via satellite and was thus inherently disadvantaged. Hillary got a few chuckles, but who knew Edwards could deliver a monologue so effectively? His self-deprecating bit about throwing his support behind the candidate most likely to give him a Jet Ski stole the show.

Obama will get a second chance on Monday, though. He’s just been scheduled to appear join Jon Stewart via satellite on Monday’s Daily Show. Wait. Did Stewart just get Colbert’s sloppy seconds?

Clinton clip above; Obama and Edwards bits after the jump.