Clinton and Barack Split Super Tuesday

NECK AND NECK Hillary, Barack

Undecided: Super Tuesday has past, and the Democrats are left divided: Barack Obama wins more states, but Hillary Clinton takes states with higher delegate counts, leaving her slightly out front. Expect the race to continue into spring as states across the country get their primary dates.

The Huck stays in the picture: On the other side, John McCain emerges as the clear victor in yesterday’s Republican primaries, but Mike Huckabee scores some surprising victories in the South, successfully drawing conservative, religious voters away from Mitt Romney.

The death of culture: Wanna know why people don’t read anymore? The New York Times‘ insipid Modern Love column has resulted in nine book contracts in the last three years.

His body isn’t a wonderland: Ex blogger John Mayer dons a Borat-inspired man-thong aboard a cruise arranged for … oh, does it even matter why?

Genie could hit the bottle: New mom Christina Aguilera going “stir crazy” caring for her stinky bundle of joy.

Getting wet: CIA head Michael Hayden tells Congress that waterboarding was in fact used to interrogate three high-profile Al Qaeda detainees, the first public admission on the use of the “kinda, maybe” torture technique on terror suspects.

Keeping it positive: In an effort to “improve the overall customer experience,” eBay plans to ban sellers from leaving negative comments about buyers.

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