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CLASS WEAR! Gossip-inspired tee

As viewers of last night’s sophomore episode of Josh Schwartz‘s Gossip Girl are no doubt aware, the epic teen drama seems to be getting Ds in geography.

Early in last night’s rollicking show, “Dan,” the character played by the brooding Penn Badgley, jumps into a cab and says one word to the driver: “Williamsburg!” He then flies over what is clearly the Brooklyn Bridge and winds up at his dad’s expansive loft, the exterior shots of which appear to have been filmed in DUMBO—just a few miles away from Williamsburg but a world apart. It looks like Schwartz’s time in the O.C. may have gotten him a little turned upside down. Plus, last time we checked, a massive loft in DUMBO ran you around $1.8 million, though New York real estate blogs contend that the real loft is actually in tragically unhip Long Island City. So Schwartz’s notion that Dan, the property-blessed spawn of a rock star, is a soldier in some kind of class warfare is funny in and of itself.

But then Schwartz kicks it up a notch. Dan’s outer-borough pride boils over in a scene where he fights with Chuck, the show’s star sociopath, over his Brooklyn roots, snapping back at his taunts with the phrase, “Trash? I live in Brooklyn, not the Ozarks!”

In a sad comment on the state of modern affairs, the T-shirt is now available via Café Press for $19.99.

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