Claim: NIU Shooter Was Sex Creep, Kiddie Theme-Park Worker

PIRATE’S COVE Stephen Kazmierczak’s former place of employment

Stephen Kazmierczak, the 27-year-old former Northern Illinois University grad student who fatally shot five NIU students before killing himself was, according to a comment left on a music message board by someone claiming to be Kazmierczak’s former co-worker, “the kind of kid who engaged in odd acts of fellatio with his dog, the kind of kid who’d go and masturbate in the bathroom while you were over at his house, the kind of person who injured kids on the train ride cuz [sic] he was mental and he shouldn’t be given domain over kids on little faux-traincars with an aluminum baseball bat…”

Somewhat unintelligibly, he continues, “Steve fucking Kazmierczak ran up to me in late ’95 early ’96 proudly boasting his brand new copy of ‘I care because you do’ [an album by electronic group Aphex Twin] like he was finally in with the cool kids.”

The director of the Elks Grove Park district in Elks Grove, Illinois, which runs Pirates Cove Children’s Theme Park, has confirmed that Kazmierczak worked there in 1995. The poster on the We Are The Music Makers Forum claiming to have known Kazmierczak in all of his unnatural canine-loving glory, posted under the name “sinicalypse” and only briefly references his former co-worker before ranting wildly in his own right on the virtues of Squarepusher and the heinousness of “emo faggotry.”

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