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Chris Rock’s AIDS Solution

INFECTIOUS LAUGH Rock(Photo: Getty Images)

Chris Rock says a shot of AIDS might whip college students into action.

During an MTV/Clinton Global Initiative event called “Giving” at the Apollo Theater in Harlem Saturday night, the comic responded to one student’s comment about not having enough time to volunteer: “I bet if you had AIDS, you’d find time.”

Rock was on fire. “MTV and BET can use some of those just-for-money-programs, y’know, infomercials for bass fishing, and turn them into educational programming to inform students of what’s out there [so they can volunteer for causes]. We could even get Bono involved, ‘cuz Bono can shame anyone into anything,” Rock quipped while pointing across the stage at the wee U2 front man, who laughed along.

Also onstage, former President Bill Clinton, pelvic innovator Shakira, chanteuse Alicia Keys, and round table panel moderator, MTV’s Sway, who took great pleasure in his own dreadlock-stuffed knit cap. Clinton even alluded to wanting one after Sway introduced him, and for the remainder of the evening, Sway offered to bring anyone “back to my place, about two blocks from here [125th street] and give them a hat.” There were no takers.

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