Matthews Unhinged Over Clinton ‘Sitcom’

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Much like that dinner party where the host couple gets in a scream fight during a heated round of Scattergories, MSNBC’s flaxen-haired barker Chris Matthews rips into fellow anchor Mika Brzezinski for indulging in what he calls “The Clinton Sitcom” rather than discussing issues of greater weight—Iraq, for example. What’s being left out of the clips floating around is the response by Brzezinski, whose father, an adviser to Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama, was something like, “Should I take that as an Obama endorsement?” to which Matthews snapped, “Of course journalists don’t endorse candidates you silly!” You can almost see Gov. Bill Richardson—who, up until this moment, twitches in his seat and seems to shrink into his luxurious beard—see his opportunity … Hey, guys! I can endorse! I can endorse Obama! How’z that work?

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