Quotations From Comedian Tommy Chong


Remember when Dave was knocking on the door because the cops were coming? And he was all like “It’s me Dave, man, open up I’ve got the stuff” and Tommy Chong, behind the door—supremely confused or in the throes of some blazed-out paranoia—was extremely unhelpful and just all, “Dave’s not here”? Of course you do. It’s comedy gold. And now, with Cheech and Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography you can learn the backstory and creative process behind such timeless humor. (Spoiler: it involves many many dull road-trips between Vancouver, Venice Beach, and San Francisco.)

The book, Chong’s follow-up to first go-round The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint, offers a few surprises (Chong drove a truck!) along with some not-so-surprising tidbits (Cheech “had been taking pottery classes in Los Angeles and had become quite addicted to it.”) Of course the heart of the story isn’t about the weed, it’s about a friendship between two weed-smoking men who, as they grew famous, also grew… wait for it… apart.

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