VT Shooter a Playwright? Brother?

BAD SON, GOOD DAUGHTER? Cho Seung-Hui, Sun-Kyung Cho

It seems Virginia Tech school shooter Cho Sueng-Hui wrote plays. An AOL staffer who shared a class with Seung-Hui sent newsbloggers.aol.com his two scripts, Richard McBeef and Mr. Brownstone, along with descriptions of what the presumed massacre mastermind was like.

He was just so quiet and kept to himself. Looking back, he fit the exact stereotype of what one would typically think of as a “school shooter”—a loner, obsessed with violence, and serious personal problems. Some of us in class tried to talk to him to be nice and get him out of his shell, but he refused talking to anyone. It was like he didn’t want to be friends with anybody.

In the opening scene of Mr. Brownstone, two characters, John and Jane, get into a casino using fake IDs and bitch about an old man, a teacher, who just won’t leave them alone. “I’d like to kill him,” John says. “I’ll be damn [sic] if he doesn’t die,” Jane answers.

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