Chinese Company Rips Off iPhone

June 29 too far away to handle? Thanks to our brilliant Chinese brethren, you no longer have to wait for the iPhone. Well, not exactly the iPhone, the tPhone.

It looks like an iPhone and probably smells and tastes like one, too. But it’s more like the knockoff Pradas for sale in sketchy Chinatown backalleys than the real deal. When turned on, a backwards Apple appears above the screen, and the Windows tone sounds. Inscribed on the shiny metal back is the Apple and iPhone logo. Below this blatant copyright violation the makers warn:

Notice: iPhone is the world mark registered by Apple Inc in USA.
Warning: It will break the law without authorized by Apple Inc. if you use “iPhone” logo on any electronic products.

Yep. Not only do the makers ignore their own advice, but with all their resources, they can’t even shell out the dough for a decent translator.

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