Tour Clinton BF’s $4M Burger-view Pad

BEAU-HO CHIC The 1,900 sq. ft. Madison Park apartment of Marc Mezvinsky

Expect a deluge of dark suited Secret Service agents to be standing squinty eyed and sweaty around Madison Park in Manhattan this summer. Property records reveal that presidential daughter Chelsea Clinton‘s mop-headed beau-friend and Goldman Sachs upstart Marc Mezvinsky recently forked over an impressive $4 million for a 10th floor apartment overlooking the park on lower Fifth Avenue.

Young Mister Mevzinsky, whose former Congressman father Edward currently occupies a jail cell for swindling investors, elected to purchase a 1,922 square feet unit that includes three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a 37-foot-long living/dining/kitchen space where the Clintons and the Mezvinskys can all sit around and nosh on Shackburgers and Concretes from the Shake Shack while they plot their political futures.

(Note: the pictured décor is the seller’s, not Mezvinsky’s; expect more navy, plaid—he’s a banker)

Click for the full tour (and a visit from the Secret Service!)

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