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Gawker Owner Hustling For Tips, Press

  • In his ongoing quest to destroy the remaining vestiges of what he considers American journalism’s outdated standards and practices, Gawker Media emperor Nick Denton today followed in the footsteps of Star EIC Candace Trunzo and offered a financial reward for tipped information. “For everything we run, and which checks out,” notes Denton, “we’ll pay our standard rate: $7.50 per thousand pageviews.” It’s an obvious gimmick from a man who is Web 2.0’s P.T. Barnum—the offer is good for the next two weeks only—but it has proven successful before: Denton’s willingness to shell out $10,000 for proof of cover retouching in a women’s magazine resulted in the Redbook expose that put Gawker ladysite Jezebel on the map, establishing it as one of the premier sites on the Web for women who hate themselves for loving Cosmo and aren’t quite sure if they’ve been raped or not.

    Still, any poor sucker willing to dish dirt on his or her place of employment in the hopes of instant riches should pay close attention: 10,000 Gawker pageviews is not an impossible goal to attain, but it will only pay you out $75 and probably requires some mention of Julia Allison if you want to get those clicks up. Here at Radar we have this thing called “ethics” which precludes us from financially recompensing sources, but we can make this offer: For everything we run, and which checks out, we will tell you the names of all the other fish that make you shit orange. And, trust us, there are a bunch of them.