Chaunce Hayden’s $10 Million Lawsuit Against Shock Jock Opie


Chaunce Hayden is the sleazy editor of sleazy strip-mall giveaway Steppin’ Out who once allegedly gave Page Six an item about how the wife of sleazy shock jock Greg “Opie” Hughes might be involved in a sex tape with sleazy Jackass alum Bam Margera. Except then the item turned out to be false, causing Page Six editor Richard Johnson to ban Hayden from the column, and causing Hughes to call Hayden a bunch of names. (Hayden denies that he gave Page Six the item, and instead claims that he merely told them to look into it.) Now that the dust from this unfortunate, utterly irrelevant incident has settled, Hayden has decided to stir the pot again by filing a $10 million slander defamation of character suit against Hughes. (Assume for the time-being that these people have character to defame.)

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