Carson Crosses the Line

YUCK, YUCK Daly(Photo: Getty Images)

As if Last Call with Carson Daly wasn’t unbearable to watch with writers, the erstwhile TRL host is crossing picket lines to bring his unfunny shtick back to air, sans scribes. Actually, he’s enlisted the help of his scabby family, in what seems to be an attempt to make precisely no one laugh—anywhere, ever again.

Sure, Daly may have faced pressure from NBC to return to the air, but did the guy shed his testicles in his recent slim-down? Couldn’t a former *NSYNC member loan him some money in a pinch? (Wait, never mind.) Factor in fellow NBC host Conan O’Brien‘s universally lauded decision to pay staffers out of his own pocket, and Carson comes off as the toolish Curious George lookalike we’ve always suspected him of being. The only thing left to do is phone PR maven Howard Bragman from 15 Minutes PR.

Former Mr. Taradise, you’re in the PR/ER!

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